Equity Derivative Analytics - Automated Trading Algorithm Development (NYC bank)

The Equity Derivatives department seeks candidates skilled in implementing quantitative proprietary trading algorithms for equity derivatives. Individual will be part of a team developing statistical models and systems to facilitate electronic equity derivatives internalization and market making. This individual would also participate in the development of proprietary trading strategies to enhance revenues and reduce transaction costs for the broader Equity Derivatives business. Our team works on a football field sized trading floor and is at the center of XXXX effort to redefine option trading in an increasingly automated world.

The development of derivative trading algorithms pushes computer technology to its limit. There are 500,000 equity option that trade with over 70,000 updates of market data per second. The technology challenge is so steep that brute force computing techniques no longer work. To excel in this high frequency environment, one needs to implement cutting edge grid computing, artificial intelligence, and advanced numerical optimization techniques. Our analytics are being implemented in a combination of C# and C++, utilizing cutting edge tools such as KDB & a high speed proprietary messaging system.

Consequently, the job is extremely demanding, has high workload, and will present numerous intellectual and technical challenges. Therefore, we are looking for a dedicated, self-motivated individual, passionate about technology. We are not looking for a programmer or project manager who develops a project based on a requirement document. We are looking for an individual that will share our vision and passion of how technology can solve complex problems in a small team based environment.


We are flexible with our candidate requirements; however, the candidate must demonstrate superior knowledge, passion, and accomplishment in his/her area of expertise. A superior academic or professional background is a prerequisite.

The candidate is expected to possess hands-on programming experience on an industry-standard object-oriented development platform, such as C++, Java, or .NET. He/she should have a solid understanding of fundamentals of Computer Science and software engineering. Prior experience in building high-performance, high-availability, scalable applications is considered a big advantage.

We do not require candidates to have prior experience in finance (and often prefer candidates without Wall Street experience) . We believe that a candidate with solid computer and mathematic skills can learn the financial aspects of algorithmic trading fairly quickly.

We are looking for candidates at all levels of experience. Experience is less important than intellectual curiosity, a creative mind, and an ability to get things done.


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