Program Traders (Program/ Quantitative Driven Trading)

Job description:

Major brokerage firms and hedge funds in NYC are looking to expand their trading desks in the following disciplines - all roles require a highly mathematical background:

  1. Options/ Derivatives Traders with prior experience and proven track record designing, developing and/ or trading options/derivatives to join established Options/ Derivatives Desk
  2. Statistical Arbitrage Traders with prior experience designing, developing and/or trading a successful statistical arbitrage strategy
  3. ETF- Established firm in Manhattan is looking for a Quantitative Programmer with experience with ETF's
  4. Volatility Arbitrage trader/quant with experience designing, developing and/or trading a successful vol arb strategy
  5. Quantitative Futures Trader-trader/quant with a proven track record
  6. Sell-Side ETF Customer Flow Trader. MUST have Buy-Side contacts
  7. Recent PhD's welcome for Junior positions as well

Quantitative programming positions also available.


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